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Kongeparken | Stupet


The Brief Summary:

Stupet is Norway’s tallest drop tower. Thanks to its location in Ålgård outside Stavanger, the 80m-tall construction will actually sit 242m (almost 800 feet) above sea level. Lund Gruppen, the park’s operator, invested 30 million kronor ($4.5m/€4m) in the attraction from the Austrian manufacturer Funtime. Kongeparken contacted LMC to create a key visual and identity to communicate “an amazing experience of extreme proportions”.

LMC Proposal:

- ‘Hyper real’ styling
- Cool and crisp colour tones to compliment the Norsk landscape
- Show range of emotion on visitor faces (terror, adrenaline rush, excitement)
- Use 12-16 year olds, girls and boys
- Show the extreme height and drop of the ride with exaggerated perspective.
- Show mountain range and fjord in background to help reinforce the concept of scale and height.
- Create a teaser video to create excitement and anticipation


The logo


“Kongeparken has worked closely with LMC to create key images and brand assets to help market this year’s big launch. LMC created a video, stills, logos and new brand guidelines. They became the most distributed assets the park has ever had, getting great regional, national and international media coverage. LMC has been a highly professional, methodical, motivated organisation that met all our needs in a swift manner. We are extremely happy with the results.”

Håkon Lund
Lekemester, Lund Gruppen


The Trailer


The Key Visual


Social media


Other assets



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