Blueberry Bros.

Branding & Packaging

We’ve pulped our brains to produce some truly tasty creative juice for Nick and Toby Hewison. Their Devonshire smallholding includes the deliciously-named Yonder Field, which they’ve filled with blueberry bushes. After discovering just how well the bushes flourished in the Devonshire climate, Nick and Toby set up a company, Yonder Berries, to sell their succulent crop locally.

Before long, Nick and Toby felt that their produce was ripe for expansion. LMC helped them create ‘The Blueberry Brothers’ – a new brand and packaging for a perfectly rounded range of blueberry-based products which includes chocolates, jams, a really rather moreish blueberry beer and a deliciously refreshing cider.

It’s still early days, but LMC’s brand identity and packaging have been wolfed down by retailers and their customers. Nick and Toby are now developing a barrel-load of new products. The future’s blue; the future’s juicy.

Blueyonder Beer

"LMC have been instrumental in creating the visual identity of the brand itself and also in developing the labelling of the Blueberry Brothers expanding range. Most of our range has won awards for packaging but more importantly is the commercial success that the packs have generated by their on shelf distinctiveness."

Nick Hewison, Blueberry Bros.